IPL™ Photorejuvenation Before & After

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Patient - K.N.

Clients’ skin was analyzed using the VISIA Complexion Analysis machine. She completed a series of IPL™ treatments to reduce sun damage/spots. She does monthly chemical peels to maintain and improve: skin tone, texture, stimulate collagen and soften/decrease fine lines and wrinkles. She follows up with home care products to enhance her results. Pore size is measured based on how visible your pores appear. Her pore size improved from 69% to 97%. Spots are rated based on percentage of area that is NOT covered by spots that are visible on your skin without makeup. Her spot percentage went from 60% with NO spots to 89% with NO spots. The texture of your skin is determined by raised areas, such as moles, acne, and depressions, such as scarring. Her texture went from 54% to 96% improvement.